Personalised Plant-based Coaching Sessions

First Coaching Session

I will hold your hand and walk (and talk!) you through the transition to a plant-based diet. It really doesn’t matter what level of understanding/experience you have, or how veggie you are (or not) already. After the initial session, I will customise my coaching to where you are in the process, and to your dietary preferences, health needs and lifestyle.

The program includes:

  • 2 private 30 minute sessions, or 1 hour private session, by phone or Skype within 30 days of purchasing (You can upgrade this to 2,5 hours)
  • A detailed nutritional induction form to understand your current diet pattern
  • Unlimited email and phone support between sessions
  • Food/meal recommendations, based on your tastes, health needs and daily routines
  • Shopping lists customised to your budget and health needs, to take the tedium out of the first few times shopping after dietary changes
  • Books and reading material to suit you and your particular areas of interest, and to help enhance your understanding of ALL the benefits of a healthy vegan diet, to help you stay on track, and keep you motivated and enthused about what you are doing
  • The lowdown on the BEST vegan websites and podcasts to add to your favourites (believe me, I know them ALL, but can let you in on the ones that are the most fun and inspiring). You can listen to podcasts while you are creating your delicious plant-based meals!

As your coach you will receive these benefits from me:

  • Attain your goal of transitioning to a vegan diet with ease, at your speed and in your way
  • Improve or even resolve health issues
  • Achieve a healthy, stable weight with ease (if this is what you needed!), and maintain it effortlessly (the more whole-foods, plant-based you go, the quicker you will see results!)
  • Optimise your energy levels
  • Feel and look better – just how much is dependent on how you ate previously!
  • Be filled with inspiration and excitement about your new lifestyle choice
  • Gain knowledge and confidence creating healthy, tasty plant-based food for you and your family
  • Understand where initial cravings may be coming from, and learn how to blast them out of the water
  • Get wise, shopping at the supermarket, no matter the budget
  • Learn what to look for in product ingredients – sounds tedious but it WILL become second nature!
  • Have all the science-y answers at your fingertips, to respond thoughtfully and gracefully to curious friends, or to negativity
  • Gain enough clarity on why you are doing this, to inspire you to forever maintain a plant-based diet
  • Learn how to negotiate restaurants and social dining events

And much more…

Healthy blueberries