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My partner (@jaybrave) and I have started a podcast, discussing our experience as vegan, interracial, entrepreneurial, ideological life partners. Questions for us?  on Twitter.

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Never a dull moment with @jaybrave 😄 We are the post milk generation! With @weareVeganuary in full progress I thought I'd talk about dairy for a bit. It is a common misconception, I had for many years, that the dairy industry is cruelty free and cows only live in green pastures waiting to be released from their milk since they are naturally with child and give birth oh and have too much milk so it's fine we humans have some too 🍼 We continue to believe in this fairytale through the use of children's songs, toys, advertisements and it was difficult for me to break my own spell. However once you know, you know. The dairy industry is the meat industry! 😣 There is strength in numbers and consumers are voting with their money everyday 🙌🏼 I've come to realise that the dairy industry is scared of the vegan movement and for good reason! A couple of dairy farms have already changed their farm to start growing sustainable crops which is amazing and I applaud them 👏🏼 🌟 On another positive note: Oatly’s Barista Edition has won a Vegan Food UK Award for Best Dairy-Free Mylk, which is even more amazing than it sounds since this award was determined by votes from regular consumers 🌟 We are the #postmilkgeneration #thefutureisvegan • • • #vegan #veganmeals #veganlifestyle #vegancommunity #veganism #govegan #lifestyle #realfood #realpeople #instagood #veganrecipes #vegandinner #vegansofldn #vegansofig #ukvegan #vegangirl #vegetarian #veganfoodshare #dinner #foodie #food #plantbased #plantbasedrecipes #London

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