Conscious Consultancy

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We are London-based consultants specialising in plant-based catering options, vegan interiors + products and vegan start-up guidance offering a unique service to national and international clients.

Our efforts have been both published online and in print (Vegan Food & Living, The Observer Food Monthly Awards, The Sunday Times Style Magazine, Plant Based News, VGN News). We have worked with clients in London, Stockholm, Amsterdam and LA.

Some of our clients include The Vegan Society, Veganuary, Royal Park Stockholm, The Ministry, Community Kitchen: Made in Hackney, and 10 Cable Street.

Plant-based & Sustainable Catering Consultancy

Whether your business is looking to expand its vegan offerings or provide a vegan menu option for the first time, we can help deliver a financially viable, healthy and sustainable catering service. Providing recipes, plating options, photographs of the dishes and potentially training of staff.

Like many other consultants we are specialists in analysing and providing solutions in areas such as finance, food quality, marketing & merchandising, vending, hygiene, health & safety and tendering. The difference is that we also look at sustainability, authenticity, diversity and fairtrade in every aspect of your catering service.

Our approach is refreshingly open, clear and positive. Our aim is to provide assistance, guidance and comfort, whilst often challenging the status quo. We passionately believe that we have the opportunity to contribute to a new responsible style of food menu – one that you will be proud of!